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31st  Annual
Sunday, April 12, 2015 - Start 8:00 am



IMPORTANT: Race packets will not be issued without your knowing your race bib number and having photo ID!
You will receive an email with you race bib number approximately 3-4 days before the event. At check-in you must know your bib number before getting in to the line that corresponds to your number. If you do not know your number, you may look it up on an alphabetical list posted near the registration tables before getting in your respective line.

XPRESS CHECK IN: NYTRI members should proceed directly to the Xpress Check in line. You must have a valid NYTRI 2015 membership card and know your race/bib number to receive your race packet.

Entry Fee:
$60 -
before 2/1/15
$70 -  2/2/15 - 4/1/15
$80 - 4/2/15 - 4/9/15 (online closes on Thursday, April 9, 2015)
$85 - Race Day (No T-shirts to race day entries)

$5 rebate to discount to 2015 NYTRI members
- No credit cards or personal checks accepted on day of race.

AWARDS::1st, 2nd, 3rd male/female overall and in 5-year groups; 18-70+ (men), 18-60+ (women) .
 To receive an award you must be present at the awards ceremony!


Race Day - Sunday, Prospect Park, Willink Triangle (near Carousel) located on the on the East Drive (opposite Center Drive).
6:15 a.m.- 7:30 a.m. - Check-in, new entries accepted.
7:45 a.m.- Pre-race meeting. No numbers or race packets saved after 7:40 a.m.!
8:00 a.m. - Race Start (rain or shine)
9:45 am - Awards ceremony, refreshments, raffle

FIELD:  Limited to first 500 competitors.

NEW YORK TRIATHLON - NYTRI has staged over 600 multi-sport events and is proud to claim the best safety record in the country. The following rules and regulations have been designed for your personal safety and enjoyment. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in penalties and/or disqualification. Instructions at the pre-race briefing (7:45 am) supersede any or all of the following that follow.
In addition please note that: 

· Race management has authority to change race course and format, check-in and start times.
· No entrants under 18 years of age.
· It is the contestant's responsibility to be familiar with and follow the race course. 
- Each contestant is individually responsible for repair and maintenance of their bike
· It is prohibited to sell your race number or for someone to compete in your place.

RUN COURSE: The 2 mile run starts near the transition area located on East Drive, at Willink Triangle (near the Carousel) opposite the East end of Center Drive. Leave transition area and run on East Drive (counterclockwise direction) and make first left (marked with large green cone and arrow) on to Center Drive. Run across Center Drive to West Drive. Make left on West Drive and complete counterclockwise loop arriving back at transition area. The second run is identical to the first.

The transition area is located on the East Drive at Willink Triangle, just 200 yards past the Lincoln Road Playground. The closest entrance is the Willink Entrance near the Prospect Park Carousel.

In order to protect your bike and equipment, please make sure that only competitors  are in the transition area. No friends and/or family should accompany competitors inside the barriers. Bicycles must be properly placed on assigned racks corresponding to race number. NO riding in the transition area!

Bikes and equipment may be removed by competitors ONLY upon showing BOTH the run number and bike number to security personnel.

WARNING: The transition area is circled by orange tape mounted on plastic stakes. To enter or exit the transition area you MUST use either of the openings that are manned by security personnel. Do not go over or under the orange tape for any reason. 
You will receive a 2 minute penalty (without warnings) for each infraction.

BIKE COURSE: The 10 mile bike course is composed of three (3) complete loops of Prospect Park on East and West Drives.
Contestants must ride in the designated biking lanes at all times and are prohibited from entering the jogging/recreation lane, designated by a solid-double white line, at all times.
Cyclists crossing over the double-solid white line will be immediately disqualified.
DRAFTING RULES: You must maintain a distance of three (3) bike lengths from the bike in front of you! You may not be closer than this distance for any period exceeding 15 seconds. If you are, you will be assessed a two minute penalty for each infraction.

Riding in a Pack/Drafting is a Serious Violation of the Rules of the Event!  If another competitor is drafting you, yell to him to STOP DRAFTING!  If you wish to file an official complaint regarding drafters, you must record their race number. A competitor who has three drafting reports filed by other competitors will automatically receive a two minute penalty. 

HELMETS: Penalties will be assessed if cycling helmets are not positively secured with chin strap BEFORE leaving the transition area.
Riding without a hard-shell helmet will result in immediate disqualification!

On the morning of the race,  you mustl pick up an electronic timing  chip that corresponds to your assigned bib number. This chip must be attached with a velcro strap to your ankle.and must remain attached throughout the entire event.

After you finish the event, you must personally remove the chip and drop it in the collection bin at the end of the timing chute.

If you lose your chip during the race or fail to turn it in after you cross the finish line, you will be charged $100 for the lost chip.

Your bib number must be attached to the FRONT of your shirt (or race belt) during the entire race .

If you enter the transition area or cross the finish line and your number is not clearly visible on your FRONT,  you will be receive a 2 minute penalty. 

The 2-sided vinyl (adhesive-backed) bike frame number must be attached to the front of the top tube of your bicycle and for security reasons may not be removed until you leave the leave the transition area. 

Check the label affixed to the timing tag (on the front of your bib number) for correct information regarding your name, age, sex and category.

 Notify officials prior to the race of any mistakes!

POST-RACE: Refreshments are for competitors ONLY! Please wear your race number when entering the refreshments line.

RESULTS: Results will be posted on our web site www.NYTRI.org.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Is there someone you know who could help while you're competing? Call 845-247-0271 from 10:00-5:00 and leave a message with their name and confirm that they will be at the race. Volunteers will receive a souvenir T-shirt and sincere thanks from all competitors.

Take the Q train to Prospect Park Station. Get in one of the FIRST cars to exit on Lincoln Rd. Walk towards the Park, Cross Ocean Ave., enter the Park at you will see the transition area on your right.
Or, take the 2 or 4 train to Grand Army Plaza. Enter the Park at Grand Army Pkaza and go down on the East Drive which will be on your left (if you are walking). If you ride your bike, you must go to the right when entering from Grand Army Plaza and follow the drive around for just over 2 miles to arrive at transition area. 

PARKING: Parking is on the streets adjacent to the East side of Prospect Park near the Willink entrance. No vehicles allowed in to the Park on the Weekend. The closest entrance to the transition area is at the intersection of Flatbush Ave. and Empire Boulevard (look for signs to Leffert's Historic House, Children's Corner, Carousel).. 

2 Minute Penalties

- Riding in/out of transition area.
- Entering/exiting transition area under/over/between barriers.
- Bicycle not on assigned bike rack or racked incorrectly.
- Drafting or "pack riding" violation (each incident).
- Race # not visible from at least 100 yards before finish line.

4 Minute Penalties
- Unsecured helmet chin strap leaving/entering transition area.

- Riding without an approved biking helmet.
- Wearing headphones during any portion of race.
Verbal abuse of volunteers, officials and/or staff.