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26th Annual 


   Bike - 12 mi.,     Run - 2 mi.,    Row - 3/4 mi.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
* Male/Female (2-Person) Relay Teams Only * 

No Raindate!  The Event will take place Rain or Shine!

 Start - 7:30 am.

One Team Member Runs  -  One Team Member Bikes 
Both Team Members in Row Boat


Note: Substitution of a team member requires an additional fee of $40. No substitutes allowed within 5 days of the event. 

Entry Fee (per 2-person Team):   $160 before 4/10/14     $180 after 4/10/14

 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Do you know someone who could help while you're competing?  Call NEW YORK TRIATHLON (NYTRI) at 845-247-0271 for details. Volunteers will receive a souvenir T-shirt and sincere thanks from all competitors.

* Positive ID is required of BOTH team members.
* No entrants under age 18.
* BOTH team members must pick up race packet at the same time. No Exceptions! 
* Race packets will not be issued without your knowing your race bib number and having photo ID!

You will receive an email with you race bib number 4-5 days before the event. When arriving on the day of the race you must know your bib number before getting in to the line that corresponds to your number. If you do not know your number, you may look it up on an alphabetical list posted near the registration tables before getting in line.

- Both team members must be present to pick up the race packets!

FIELD: Limited to FIRST 100 teams.

AWARDS: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and in the following combined age categories: 36-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100-109, 110-119, 120-129, 130+.

Awards to top 1st, 2nd, 3rd. The costume must be worn by each of the team members  during the rowing leg of the event (not required during biking or running). Judging will be done by event officials.

Saturday, Race Day
6:15 - 7:15 a.m. - Check-in at Boathouse parking lot (74th St. & Park Drive East).
7:15 a.m.- Pre-race briefing. Mandatory for all competitors
7:30 a.m.- Race Start (
rain or shine!)
9:30 a.m.- awards ceremony, refreshments.

BIKE: The bike course of 12 miles is two (6 mile) loops of Central Park. Team bikers will wait for the runner next to their assigned bike rack and WILL NOT REMOVE THEIR BIKE FROM THE RACK UNTIL they are tagged by the runner.

RUN: The 2..2 mile run starts on East Drive at 74th Street, goes north to a turn around point at 96th Street (on East Drive) and back along the same route to the transition area. The run turn point is indicated by a "U-Turn" sign affixed to the top of a green cone. Runners must stay to the left side of the runner's lane (both out and back), as indicated by the "Runners Stay Left" signs affixed to large green cones along the run course.

CENTRAL PARK ALERT! The course is closed to cars but not to pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, skaters, etc. While biking, competitors must be aware and considerate of non-competitors who will also be sharing the Park roads with competitors. You must bike in the middle lane at all times! You do not have right of way or priority over other users of Central Park because you are competing in this event.

ROW: Only two person teams, displaying their team number, will be allowed in the boat launch area. Teams will take the boat that is given to them by race officials and will not have a choice of boats. Only one team members may row at any time. Switching rowers in mid-course is allowed. Life jackets (supplied with boat), should be worn for safety.

Four orange buoys will mark the course. Boats must pass all markers on the left (markers will be to the right of the boat). The fourth marker, designates the turn around point of the row course. After goind around the turn around marker , row back to the finish line with buoys on their right. The finish line is marked with two large orange buoys and a balloon arch. Boats must pass through the final set of buoys to be scored. To alleviate congestion at the finish buoys, please continue rowing until you are well out of the way of boats finishing behind you and proceed back to the launch area.

TRANSITION AREA: Entry to competitors ONLY! "OFF LIMITS" to non- competitors! NO cycling allowed in the transition area. Competitors who cycle past the "DISMOUNT" signs at the entrance to the transition area will be penalized. No entry to friends, family or pets in either the transition area or the boat launching area. Bikes and equipment may be removed by competitors ONLY upon showing the large run number and bike number to security. Friends and family members will not be allowed to remove bikes.

LANE RESTRICTIONS: Cyclists must stay out of recreation/joggers lane at ALL times. A 4 minute penalty will be assessed if you enter the restricted joggers lane during any part of the course. This is a safety measure and will be strictly enforced.

DRAFTING RULES: You must maintain a distance of three bike lengths from the bike in front of you! You may not be closer than this distance for any period exceeding 15 seconds. If you are, you will be assessed a 2 minute penalty for each infraction.

HELMETS: Helmets must be positively secured with chinstrap BEFORE leaving the transition area. Riding without a helmet will result in immediate disqualification! Helmets must be ANSI, SNELL or USCF approved.

RACE NUMBERS: The large tyvek number must be worn by BOTH relay members on his/her back at SHOULDER height. . Both team members must have numbers clearly visible on their back upon approaching the finish line.
The adhesive-backed bicycle frame number must be attached to the FRONT of the top tube.

RESULTS: Results will be posted on the New York Triathlon website www.NYTRI.org

POST-RACE: Award winners must be present at the post-race awards ceremony to receive their prize. Refreshments are for competitors ONLY! Please identify yourself as a competitor by wearing your race number when entering the refreshments line.

PARKING: Central Park is closed to all vehicular traffic on weekends. Parking can be found outside the Park on the East Side. The closest park entrance to the start of the race (Loeb Boathouse) is at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Courtyard By Marriot, 866 Third Ave., 212-644-1300
Days Hotel, 790 8th Ave., 212-581-7000
Novotel, 226 West 52nd St., 212-315-0100
Howard Johnson, 851 8th Ave., 212-581-7000

2 Minute Penalties
- Numbers of BOTH team members not visible in boat.
- Throwing your partner out of the boat or other acts of "water rage".
- Cycling in or out of transition area.
- Entering/exiting transition area over or under barriers.
- Drafting or Pack Riding penalty.
4 Minute Penalties
- Cycling in the jogger's recreational lane (crossing double solid white line).
- Unsecured helmet (chin strap) riding in/out of transition area.
- Riding without an approved biking helmet.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct (determined by race officials).
- Failure to cover complete race course (run, bike or row).
- Wearing headphones during any portion of race.