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29th Annual
In memory of Ned Northrop

Lake Welch, Harriman State Park, NY
(30 miles north of NY City).

Sunday, May 18,  2014

Triathlon - Swim - 0.5 mi.    Bike - 18 mi.    Run - 3 mi.
Duathlon -  Run - 3 mi.    Bike - 18 mi.     Run - 3 mi. 


First  500 individual entries (Tri and Du combined)
* No relay teams

New York Triathlon - NYTRI has staged over 600 multi-sport events since 1984 and is proud to claim the best safety record in the country. The following rules and regulations are designed for your personal safety and enjoyment. Failure to comply with these rules will result in penalties and/or disqualification.


IMPORTANT: Race packets will not be issued without your knowing your race bib number and having photo ID!
You will receive an email with you race bib number approximately 3-4 days before the event. At check-in you must know your bib number before getting in to the line that corresponds to your number. If you do not know your number, you may look it up on an alphabetical list posted near the registration tables before getting in your respective line. 

XPRESS CHECK IN: NYT members should proceed directly to the XPress Check in line. You must have a valid NYT 2014 membership card and know your race/bib number to receive your race packet.

Entry Fees:
Before 3/18/14       Triathlon -  $80      Duathlon - $60   
3/19 - 4/18/14         Triathlon -  $90      Duathlon - $70
4/19 - 5/17/14         Triathlon -  $100      Duathlon - $80    
Race Day:         Triathlon -  $110    Duathlon - $90
No T-shirts to Sunday (race day) entries. 
* No credit cards or personal checks accepted on weekend of race.  

 Discount to NYTRI members: Triathlon: $10    Duathlon - $5 .

Triathlon: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall male/female and in 5-year groups; 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+ female, 60-64, 65-69, 70+ male.
Duathlon: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall male/female and in 10-year age groups; 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ female, 60-69, 70+ male .
To receive an award you must be present at the awards ceremony

- Race management has authority to change race course and format, check-in and start times.
- No entrants under 18 years of age.

Race Day - Lake Welch, Harriman State Park.
6:15 - 7:30 a.m. - Check-in. new entries, packet pick-up.
 *** No Numbers issued or race packets saved after 7:30! *** 
7:45 a.m. - Course orientation, final race instructions
8:00 a.m. - Race Start (rain or shine).
10:00 a.m. - Course closes, Awards presentation.

Park Notice: Park regulations do not allow dogs (on or off leash)  in to Lake Welch.

VOLUNTEERS: Is there someone you know who can volunteer while your competing? Just call NYT at 845-247-0271 from 10:00-5:00 and leave a message with their name and confirm that they will be coming to the race. Volunteers will receive a souvenir T-shirt and our sincere thanks!

TRANSITION AREA: Entry to competitors with race numbers ONLY!. Please request family members and friends not to accompany you in the transition area. Bicycles must be placed on assigned bike racks. Bikes on wrong racks will be removed from the race. NO cycling in or out of the transition area. Cycling past the "DISMOUNT" signs at the entrance to the transition area will result in a 2 minute penalty.

SWIM COURSE (Triathlon): The swim will be in waves of 100 competitors per wave. Wave #1 is for competitors 1 - 100,  wave #2 is for 101 - 200, wave #3 is 201 - 300,  etc. The time between each wave will be 3 minutes.
Maximum time allowed for the 1/2 mile swim is 30 minutes. If you take longer than 30 minutes to complete the swim you will not be allowed to continue the remainder of the race.
Competitors must wear the official swim cap provided at check-in.   Failure to wear the official swim cap will result in DISQUALIFICATION! Upon completion of the swim, you will run 100 yards from the beach to the transition area. 
You must notify a race official IMMEDIATELY if you do not complete the swim.  Failure to do so will DISQUALIFY you from participating in any future events organized by the NYTRI
Wet suits are allowed but are not necessary.

The swim course is a 0.5 mile triangle marked by large orange/yellow buoys. When you exit the swim you will run across the sandy beach and on to a cement walkway that will lead you to the entrance to the transition area, You will leave for the bike course at the OPPOSITE end of the transition area.

Due to Parks lifeguard restrictions, competitors are NOT allowed in the water PRIOR to or AFTER the Triathlon.

RUN COURSE: (Triathlon & Duiathlon): The run course of 3 miles of a clearly marked, very scenic loop on paved roads (not a trail run!) within the area of Lake Welch..

Duathletes: The second run is identical to the first.

BIKE COURSE:  (Triathlon & Duathlon)
Exit the transition are and proceed along the perimeter of the parking lot to the entrance to Lake Welch. Make a left turn and circle back to Lake Welch Drive and continue to Lake Sebago/Seven Lakes Drive. 

Make a right at the bottom of the hill where Lake Welch Drive ends at Seven Lakes Drive. Continue on Seven Lakes Drive . around Kanawakee Circle and to Tiorati Circle. Go around tiorati circle and reverse course back to entrance to Lake Welch.
It is your responsibility to know and stay on the course at all times. The course is CLEARLY marked! If you are uncertain of the course, read the following CONE DIRECTIONAL SYSTEM.

CONE DIRECTIONAL SYSTEM: All turns on the bike course are marked by a series of small (12") orange cones. Following them is essential to stay on course. If in doubt at any intersection, always follow the direction marked by the orange cones. Exit all traffic circles in the direction of the cones. Do not expect volunteers, marshalls and/or police personnel to point you in the right direction. They are on the course only for traffic control at key intersections.


DRAFTING RULES: You must maintain a distance of three bike lengths from the bike in front of you! You may not be closer than this distance for any period exceeding 15 seconds. If you are, you will be assessed a TWO minute penalty for each successive violation. Riding alongside another biker will also result in a two minute penalty.

Note: Pack Riding is a Serious Violation of the Rules of Tri/Biathlon!  You can file an official complaint regarding "drafters" by noting their race number. A competitor who has three "drafting reports" filed against him/her will automatically receive a penalty for each infraction..

POST-RACE: Award winners must be present at the post-race awards ceremony to claim their prize. No Exceptions! Refreshments are for competitors ONLY and are not provided for friends and family members.

On the morning of the race,  you will pick up an electronic timing  chip that corresponds to your assigned bib number. This chip must be attached with the supplied velcro strap to your ankle.and must remain attached throughout the entire event.
After you finish the event, you must remove the chip and drop it in the collection bin at the end of the timing chute.
If you lose your chip during the race or fail to turn it in after you cross the finish line,
you will be charged $100.

Your bib number must be attached to the FRONT of your shirt (or race belt) during the entire race .
The 2-sided vinyl (adhesive-backed) bike frame number must be attached to the front of the top tube of your bicycle and may not be removed until you leave the leave the transition area. 
Check the label affixed to the timing tag (on the front of your bib number) for correct information regarding your name, age, sex and category (T-Triathlon, B-Biathlon).
 Notify officials prior to the race of any mistakes!

RESULTS: Results will be posted on www.NYTRI.org and on Facebook.com/NYTRI

From Palisades Parkway/Northbound: Drive north to exit 16 and then follow signs to Lake Welch.
From George Washington Bridge:  Take upper level of GW Bridge and stay in right lane to exit on to Palisades Parkway. Take Palisades Parkway north to exit 16 and then follow signs to Lake Welch.

From Palisades Parkway South/Southbound:  South to exit 16 and follow signs to Lake Welch.
From NY Thruway (I-87) Sothbound or Northbound: Get off at exit 16. Continue to Rte. 6 East. Stay on Rte 6 for 5 miles and at Palisades Parkway traffic circle follow signs to Palisades Parkway South. Exit Palisades Parkway at Exit 16, marked Lake Welch. Follow signs for 2-3 miles to Lake Welch.
From Westchester/Connecticut: Cross Tappan Zee Bridge, stay on New York Thruway North to Exit 13N/Palisades Pkwy North. Follow directions above.

2 Minute Penalties
- Riding bicycle anywhere within transition area.
- Bicycle not on assigned bike rack or racked incorrectly.
- Each drafting or "pack riding" violation.
- Accepting outside assistance or being paced by non-competitor.
- Race # not visible at any time while biking and.or running.
- Unsecured helmet chin strap leaving/entering transition area.
- Biking in the center or left of roadway.
- Riding without an approved biking helmet.
- Wearing headphones during any portion of race.
- Verbal abuse of any volunteer, official or staff and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.